Current Promotions

Annual Tournament

· Qualifying players only.

· Accumulate 7500 points between July 1 - June 31 to qualify for entry.

· Winner of tournament can choose between a $550.00 cash option or a buy-in to the Arizona State Poker Championship at Casino Arizona Talking Stick Resort's Poker Arena in Scottsdale, AZ ($1100.00 value buy-in) (Conditions apply) 

Quarterly Tournaments

·  Qualifying players and alternates only.

· Rank among the top 48 players of any given quarter to qualify for that quarterly tournament.

· Earn a minimum of 350 points in any given quarter to qualify as an alternate for that quarterly tournament.

· Qualifying alternates will be permitted to play only when a qualifying top 48 player does not claim their seat. Alternates will be selected from highest ranked, down, in order.

· Winner of tournament can choose between a $500.00 cash option or $1000.00 toward a buy-in to a major event in Las Vegas, NV ($1000.00 value buy-in) (See tournament director for further details. Conditions apply) 

Major Event Buy-in Drawing

· Show up.

· Sign in.

· Sit down.

· Play cards.

· Don't bust out before the first break.

· Drawing will take place at the quarterly tournament.

· It really is that simple and that easy to earn a chance to win a buy-in to a cash tournament Every player will receive an entry in the drawing for every game they play in and last until first break. ($400.00 value buy-in) (Conditions apply) 

Bad Beat Jackpot

· Grows by $1.00 after every game.

· Qualifying hands are Aces full of Tens or better beat by Quad 8's or better.

· Both hole cards in all qualifying hands MUST play.

· Must be a minimum of 5 players dealt in at the beginning of the hand for promotion to be live.

· The hand may not be checked down.

· There must be at least 10x the current blind level in the pot for the promotion to be live.

· Neither the hand, nor the promotion, may be discussed during a possible Bad Beat Jackpot hand. Any violation of this will void payment.

· Hand must be verified by Tournament Director. In the event of a possible Bad Beat hand, a tournament director should be called over immediately, before the hand progresses any further, to witness the hand play out.

· Valid Bad Beat Jackpots are paid out within 7 business days. 

Cracked Hands

·  Pocket Pairs consisting of 10/10, J/J, Q/Q, K/K, A/A, played out to the river against an opponent, that lose, are considered "cracked".

· A player who loses with a cracked hand will be allowed to draw a card. That card will be assigned a chip value, or a chip value and a point value. The player will be awarded the chips and/or points that the card drawn is valued at.

· Once a hand is cracked and a card is drawn, that particular hand will no longer be eligible for the cracked hands promotion, except in situations where the director chooses to reset the cracked hands board.

· The cracked hand promotion will remain in play until either all hands have been cracked, the second break begins, or the final table starts. Whichever scenario occurs first. 

Weekly Bounty

·  Rank among the top 3 players by the end of any given week (Sunday - Saturday) to become a bounty for the following week.

· As a weekly bounty, you will be given a bounty chip. 

· Getting taken out results in the loss of your bounty for that game, to the player who knocked you out. They will be awarded 50 points toward their quarterly and annual standings.

· If you lose all of your chips, but had a cracked hand, resulting in being awarded chips and remaining in play, you still lose you bounty.

· Winning a tournament while maintaining possession of you bounty results in an additional 100 points being awarded to you quarterly and annual standings.

· Earning the weekly bounty status also earns you an entry for our bounty drawing. 

Bounty Drawing

· Players who have earned the weekly bounty status during a given quarter will be awarded one entry into our bounty drawing for every week they qualified as a bounty (1 week - 1 entry, 3 weeks - 3 entries, etc.).

· The drawing will be held at the quarterly tournament.

· The player drawn will win a buy-in to a live, local casino tournament ($75.00 value buy-in) (Tournament will vary based on local availability) (Conditions apply)

Quads or Better

· A player who plays a hand out to showdown and has quads or better will receive a chip bonus.

Additional Information

· Occasionally, we hold Jack and Jill team tournaments.

· The winners of one of these tournaments will win a buy-in to a local Jack and Jill casino tournament. ($110.00 buy-in value) (Conditions apply)